The Authentic Way To Auto-Post Unique and Readable Content

Imagine having an ideal world of blogging where your blog provides a constant flow of articles that read as if an English writer wrote them, not you.   How cool is that?

Before you read more of the information I am presenting I need to caution you: this product helps you produce quality content very cheaply, almost like a cent to a dollar.

But, it is NOT FREE. It requires some investment on your part. So, if you are looking for quick, dirty, and free, this method isn't for you. Click on Exit and leave.

To the others: read the complete copy and learn how to create passive income streams using online marketing websites.

What's the Problem?

Blogging with more than one website can be time-consuming. Imagine you have to keep creating content and posting onto your blog weekly to get any traction with Google.

Because of having to post regularly, there is a desire to have something auto-created, which is a low-cost, yet elegant, and of high quality.

"Automated content" is a dirty title when it comes to search engine ranking, and profit. When the word “automated” is introduced into a software product, it immediately casts fears and doubts into the equation.

As you may realize, anything that is automated but lacks supervision means not being sure whether articles are legible, images used are compatible with the purpose of the article, to entice visitors to stay and buy.

The Reasons Are ...


No control over how the content is being used. 

The reason for automated content using RSS feed or scraping the Internet for other people’s content and re-writing them is that you don't have any control over what shows up on your blog.


No Control on the images being displayed. 

Even the images they scrape sometimes look good, and sometimes it appears as if it is unrelated to your article.


Robotic feel to what was re-written

Besides, even if you use the best software to re-write the original article, it is never the same, since you write the article or re-write it yourself.


Costly Writers

I've seen artificial intelligent writers (AI writers) come into the automation scene recently, and it wrote kickass content. I gave them a test-drive, and I admit the English is excellent, and the content is 100 percent unique. However, you still have to pay for a limited amount of words each month. If you have more than ten websites, you feel the pinch of having to spend money to acquire great content for your blogs.

So, what is the possibility?

Technological improvement makes things possible in terms of automation.

Today, it is possible to achieve 100 articles written with exceptional grammar and technical details, for as low as $60 one time expense.

It is not wishful thinking. We'll show you how!

Content Is King: Is Duplicate Content The Pauper?

According to Neil Patel, a leading blogger and top Internet Marketer, duplicate content is a myth. Duplicate "content" in terms of relevancy hurts you more than a small amount of duplicated words.

From my research, Google allows 15 percent of duplicated words content between articles, either from your site or others.

As an SEO specialist who ranks for a medium-sized law firm here in the United States, I can say this with certainty. If you optimize your content, meaning your keywords are strategically placed, and your meta description also contains those keywords, your article ranks over time.

Providing one blog each year, and routinely adding new content to your site becomes the authority in Google’s eyes. It is indeed a genuinely hands-off way of monetizing your blog.

So, what you need now is the ability to generate content periodically. The act of posting on schedule for content that you write yourself or hire someone to write for you is not the same as taking content randomly from the web or using spinner to re-write someone else’s content.

I call this Auto Blog Posting.

Auto blog posting is a way of auto-posting content on schedule and walking away knowing that your blog reads well, looks good, and has higher quality as you created it manually.


WP Super Spin

What's WP Super Spin?

WP Super Spin uses our proprietary method to read the super spun article and produce either a sequential or random content. The power of this plug-in lies entirely in the way the super spun article was created. The technology is based on the power of permutation by sentences, thus yields high uniqueness between posts, and coherence in both meaning and readable sentences. 

What's the difference between WP Super Spin and RSS readers or Scraping Content?

RSS feed scrapes content from other sources and use article rewriter software to re-write them. Although the technology is impressive, today re-writing by substituting words or phrases does not always make them readable.

Also, at times, scraping content and re-writing it does not guarantee that your content will not sound like a robot has written it. The images they bring back also are not always incongruent with the material it is expressing.

How Did WP Super Spin Originated?

The need to have both readable contents, uniqueness between posts, awesome looking images, and a hands-off approach that encourages us to create WP Super Spin plug-in.


WP Super Spin has ten different categories; so, your website always has exciting content for your visitors.


WP Super Spin uses custom images you choose for each of your categories.  The number of images are only restricted to your ability to upload them. 

Youtube Videos

WP Superspin uses your own youtube ID or keywords to find and place appropriate videos for your post.

Clickable Image

WP Super Spin makes the image clickable to any URL of your choice. Therefore, you can further optimize your post to link to an appropriate topic.  This is created so that you can interlink between your posts and send juice to your other posts or pages.

Add'l Snippets

WP Super Spin allows snippets to be inserted before or after the article, making the article even more unique.  This is created so that you can add more uniqueness to your posts in case syndicate other people's content.


Wp Super Spin tries to match your title with a subtitle to enhance the post further.  This is added to the plugin to further enhance relevantcy of your article and the title. 


WP Super Spin adds tags to your post for further optimized ranking..

AMP and Non AMP
Schema Ready

WP Super Spin auto create schema for each auto post.

AI Writer Service

WP Super Spin links up to an AI writer service for you to use spun article or retrieve the article directly as needed.

In summary, WP Super Spin has limitless potential to create and rank extraordinary websites hands-off.

How does WP Super Spin Work?

What Do I Need To Start Using WP Super Spin Today?

Keywords Research

Research and obtain 100 keywords for your niche. Assuming you use the AI writer method to write 100 articles.

Create Articles

Create 100 articles per category of your blog. Use AI service for this. Two hundred fifty articles in a bulk mode are only $60.00.  For a web based request one article at a time is unlimited in ussage.



Download 50 to 100 images to be used with these 100 articles.


Purchase This WP Super Spin Plug-in.


It's ONLY $198.00 ONE TIME investment Do It Yourself for 20 websites 


$12 per year after that. WordPress changes all the time, and without getting paid for the Support we could not keep the plug-in up-to-date.


The desktop Superspun article collations software comes FREE with your plug-in purchase. In case of a refund, the desktop software will cease to function.

Approximately How much Investment in total DO I expect to spend to get this thing rolling?

For 20 websites to start


Yearly Site Registration

The registration fee is $339 yearly. Dotcom is generally 16.95 per year. Sometimes they have a discount for first-year purchase. Do your comparison shopping.



WP Super Spin For 20 Sites Starter $997.00.


AI articles writers

The minimum investment is $60.00. It is enough content for 20 websites. A total of 250 articles in bulk mode. More articles if you are willing to create them one by one.


Web hosting

You can research for a cheaper web hosting. Site ground average $360.00 yearly.

Optional but nice to have


Canva Images

Use free canva or pay for Pro subscription and get more images.  


Indexing Service

Subscribe to an indexing service so that each new post is automatically indexed. It is a key to hands-off ranking. Usually, this service starts at around $10.00 per month.


Wordpress sites creation

Prices depend on where you hire people.  It can be $50 to $200 per site.

Why should you purchase WP Super Spin?

True Passive Income Websites


You have 30 days to test drive the software. Please note that your desktop companion software won't work if you ask for a refund.

We want our customers to be happy with our purchase, so, before you ask for a refund due to any problem at all from installation, please allow us to help you install it, and train you on how to use it.

Indicate your readiness to create a passive income 

Show your eagerness to create a passive income career now by clicking on the checkbox below..


I understand WP Super Spin solves my problem of producing great content regularly.

It helps me to set and forget and have the confidence that my content is always helpful to my readers and generates automatically.

My article also has appropriate quality images and or videos to retain my visitors longer on my blog. This plug-in gives me the best of both worlds; automated yet looks like I spent hours producing it.

I understand this PURCHASE $997.00 includes:

20 sites

20 sites installation license

Free Support

1 year free support and update (the subsequent year is set at $20.00 per year)


FREE Software

A FREE desktop Article Collation Software companion to help you build "super" super spun content to be used inside the plugin.

Keyword Research

100 keywords research for your niche


This is more than just a spinner.  It's a tool to help you set and forget your blog. It also helps you rank.  It's improve site overall authority due to the sheer volumes of posts it will create over time.

This is definitely NOT a mass page builder.  Every single text, image, video you decide to put inside your post.  It never scrapes the web and rewrites anything.  It is not saying that it is bad to do so but for this plugin the webmaster which is YOU decide how and where to put your information forward.  It can be called auto content posting plug in because it does exactly just that.

This is not Menterprise and a little more than SEO content. Menterprise scrapes content and rewrite, Menterprise also offers more options than our plugin.  SEO content offers scraped content.

WP Super Spin relies on the content collation technique from our own software to deliver extremely readable, rankable, attractive and 90+ uniqeness between posts. Since WP Super Spin advocates using its own content you can be sure your content is unique compared to the world at large. It achieves 90+ percent uniqueness between posts.

Silo can be done by using perma link so all posts can be grouped together under each respective category.  Anchor text link can be setup using third party plugin.  Our software provides related link in the same category. 

Yes it can read superspun from any other source in addition to ours.  We don't recommend you use anybody else but the companion software with this plugin as it provides the best uniqueness.  It can also read Ultra spun. What this mean is it can read nested spun syntax.

This plug in can read "random" or " sequential".  Random produces random content taking from all of the articles you put into the companion software to create one superspun.  Sequential can reproduce original articles as they were orginially written.  If you use "sequential" method to retrieve your articles, when the system exhausted all articles it will email you and you can reset and reused them again or recreate new ones.  


I must include this disclaimer here:
I believe anything worth something will require some work. This plug-in and the way I taught you to do it will pay off for you, years after you create the sites with minimal work.

Treat this as an investment and a career, not just a sizzle golden new thing you must have. If you don't have the financial resources to pay for the plug-in, the articles, and time to scour for images, do not buy it. You will waste your money.

I hope you like my transparency regarding my tool. I would love to sell you the tool. However, I can't lie to you and say that it is straightforward when it is not, that implementing it does not take time when it does, and that it will make money for you the day after your purchase.

Success online requires your site to be found, and that is in the domain of Google, and Google wants content. Google wants the website to be optimized, and with today's technology, you can have it by using the right tools.

One important note about DO IT FOR YOU package.  When you purchase the DO-IT-FOR-YOU plan understand that it will take a minimum 6 months to see some kind of ranking results.  The ranking is natural and hands-off however the momentum of creating new content will get you there.  Our plugin designed to help you rank.


Do It Yourself 20 Sites Starter

$ 997
  • Free 1 year Support
  • Subsequent $12 per year.
  • Free Desktop Article Collation Software; requires Windows 7 or 10 or higher.
  • Your Own Sites Only

Do It For You
20 Sites Set-and-Forget

$ 6500
  • 2 years websites registrations
  • 2 years web hosting
  • 4 niches
  • 2 years content

  • 200 images

  • All plugins needed to set and forget

  • 20 themes
  • Select best affiliate products and insert on all posts and pages

  • *If you have adsense account we can also use it in place of those above

  • 2 year free support

  • $12 per year after 2 years

  • Domains authority boosting

  • Professional written and research for your  landing page copy 2000 words per site

  • Companion Desktop Article Collation Software

  • WP Super Spin 20 Sites License

Do It For You
10 Sites Set-and-Forget

$ 4500
  • 2 years websites registrations
  • 2 years web hosting
  • 2 niches
  • 2 years content

  • 100 images

  • All plugins needed to set and forget

  • 10 themes
  • Select best affiliate products and insert on all posts and pages
  • *If you have adsense account we can also use it in place of those above
  • 2 years free support

  • $12 per year after 2 years
  • Domain Authority Boosting
  • Companion Desktop Article Collation Software

  • WP Super Spin 20 Sites License

Do It For You
5 Sites Set-and-Forget

$ 3500
  • 2 years websites registrations
  • 2 years web hosting 
  • 1 niche
  • 2 years content

  • 50 images

  • All plugins needed to set and forget

  • 5 themes
  • Select best affiliate products and insert on all posts and pages 
  • *If you have adsense account we can also use it in place of those above

  • 2 years free support

  • $12 per year after 2 years
  • Domain Authority Boosting

  • Companion Desktop Article Collation Software

  • WP Super Spin 20 Sites License


Any question please feel free to write 
Allow 24 hours to reply.

WP Super Spin


Our Do It For You prices may change 
depended on web hosting, miscellaneous costs.  Seize the opportunity now.


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