Lazy Way To Authentic, Readable and Completely Automated Content ...

From: Kim Nguyen

Subject: How To Automately Create Authentic and Readable Content

Dear Fellow Blogger Enthusiast,

In an ideal world of blogging imagine you can have a blog which provides contant stream of different intelligent article that reads like it is written by an English writer that you don't even have to write.

How cool is that?

Blogging with automated content is a dirty name when it comes to search engines ranking and profit. When a word “auto” introduces into anything it immediately brings fears and doubt into equation. So what is exactly “automated content”?

I would redefine autoblog as auto posting blog. The act of posting on schedule for content that you write yourself or hire someone to write for you is not the same as taking content randomly from the web, or using spinner to rewrite someone’s else content.

Auto content buddy collects your pre-written articles and put it together into a super spun format so that it can be easily retrieved on schedule. Auto content buddy also takes your articles created from iwriter or ineedarticles website where you’ve hired writers to write for you.

As you can see - on this website content was created uniquely and auto posting on demand “once per month”. This allows your blog to be fresh and relevant and it ranks by itself.

Luckily there is WP Superspin. So what is exactly auto blog posting that uses this amazing plugin?

WP Superspin is a plug in that works with all version of wordpress. What it does is allowing you to paste content in a superspun format so that it can continue to give you quality and readable content without compromising the message of your blog.

What is the different between WP Superspin and RSS feed or scraping the internet and use spinwriter to replace words within a paragraph?

WP superspin uses the power of permutation by sentences to alter the content in such a way that finding a duplicated content is a thing of the past.

WP Superspin uses content that you select and read and hired professional writers to write for you. It never scrape the internet for content therefore the ability to provide intelligent and readable content is so easy that a child can do it.

All that you have to do is to provide content that fit the category and you all ready to go.

WP Superspin provides content for up to 10 different categories so you will never run out of things to say.

My name is Kim Nguyen and I am the leading IT lead developer for small to medium size companies in the South Florida. I also am an Internet Marketer who makes money online. I love technology and the idea came about when I found that I don't have time to write regularly for my passive income blog.

During my time working as IT lead developer I found that having a website does not always guarantee traffic. And not all traffic converts to sales. However without traffic I can't easily see if my website converts or not. So I set out to perform SEO for my own websites. From there I realized that in order for Google to rank me properly I have to have content and I must write regularly.

I was tempted many times and I have purchased many plugins that use content randomly generated by bots and the result isn't funny. I still have to read and to approve the content before I can place on my websites. Thus it is defeat the meaning of automated content via any kind of scraping software or RSS feed.

Thus I set out to create WP Superspin plug in. .

This plug in uses all super spun format article. It won't work with any other format. The magic of the system is the working combination of my other desktop software called "Article Superspun Software" where it is collated 100 pieces of content and generate millions of readable articles by the use of power of permutation by sentences. Article Super Spun collates 100 articles and create one Superspun code where I will insert it into a chosen category inside WP Superspin. The beauty of this is - you can either using them sequentially or randomly. I would suggest using it randomly so that you will have millions of articles created from only 100 articles

  • WP Superspin provides 10 different categories so your website always has interesting content to read.
  • WP Superspin can use images that are specifically matched each of your categories.
  • WP Superspin can insert products from Amazon onto your post

Words from our customers

We like this software so much that we buy the company


This plug in was created so that you can use it to automate your content but also to help you make money. It links to youtube video and retrieves based on niche or keywords so you don't have to spend time searching for the right video for your post. It also allows you to insert amazon products so you can make money with your blog.

We include our 5 stars Article Collation Software so that you can start creating super spun software right away to use with your plug in.

This software has limitless potential to create extra ordinary readable content. All that you have to do is to hire 5 stars writer to write about your products/services ONCE. Make sure you have at least 50 articles to start so that your spun articles will have less duplicated content. The max amount of articles is 100 and at that rate based on the power of permutation by sentences you will have at least a million articles with different text.

  • Create 300 to 1 million readable articles and with 95 percent uniqueness
  • Copy and paste content into WP Superspun directly without any alterations

    We allow 30 days money back guaranteed. However the Article Superpun software bonus will not be available if you ask for a refund of WP Superspin. They work together.

    We want our customers to be happy with our purchase so before you ask for a refund please allow us to help you install it and train you how to use it.

    This is the first WP plug in to deal with providing intelligent and readable content for your blog. It allows automation without sacrifice the conversion aspect. We feel that traffic is great but conversion is best. Traffic without conversion is a waste of time.

    Yes! Kim, I Want to This plug in will solve your problem of automated yet readable content. It helps you set and forget and have a confident knowing that your content is always great and readable. It also provides quality images for each post -- as well as products from Amazon to help you moneytize your blog. This plug in gives you the best of both worlds. Automated yet looks like you spend hours to produce.

    I understand this course includes:

    • 50 sites installation

    • 1 year free support and update (subsequent year is set at $20.00 per year)
    • 1 desktop Article Collation Software to help you build quality content from your own writers

    I encourage you to click on the purchase button and buy this plug in now today. Time is a commodity that we won't want to waste. This plug in will help you do just that.

    Click here to claim your instant access

    This plug in was created out of my desire to provide quality content without sacrificing the authenticity of my website. I also realize I don't have all the time in the world to update my blog on a regular basic. This is the best of both worlds in terms of blogging for profit. You DO want to make money with your blog right? So act now and sit back and relax.

    Google has been known to rank sites with great readable content and updated content. Since you are the one to create them your content will fit your site and your theme the most.

    All the best,

    Kim Nguyen